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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What if my child gets homesick?

Many children get homesick when they are at camp. We have a very supportive staff that will do everything possible to make your child comfortable. For most of our children it is their first extended stay away from home. We are used to helping children deal with this issue. Our days are extremely busy, so most children quickly forget that they are homesick and find themselves enjoying camp activities.

2. What if my child can't swim? Will you teach him/her?

Quite a few children attending our program are not experienced swimmers. Therefore, we adjust the water level in the pool to the height of the shortest child in camp. We do not offer formal swimming lessons, but we will do our best to help your child be comfortable in the water.

3. What does my child need to bring to camp?

You will be sent a checklist of things your child needs to bring, including: clothing, toiletries, extra shoes, bug spray, their medication, and sunscreen. We request that you do NOT send any additional things with your child, as we do not want to risk losing or breaking personal items. We supply all the necessary equipment for all the activities in which your child will participate. Your child will not need any money while at camp. We supply all the food and snacks necessary and there is not a "camp store".

4. Can I call my child at camp? Will my child be able to call me?

Our days at Englishton Park are so busy that children do not have time to talk on the phone. Your child can communicate with you through letters during his or her stay. You will, of course, be notified, should an emergency occur. We will also contact you in to discuss any concerns or questions we might have. You are always welcome to call us and ask how your child is doing. We have found over our 47 summers of experience that a child who is dealing well with homesick feelings suddenly becomes very sad when talking to "mom" or someone he cares about.

5. My child is on a vacation from his or her medicine. Is this okay?

We request that children take the same medication during their stay a camp as they do during the school year. Englishton Park provides a school-like environment. We have found children to be most successful when taking medications they are used to having in school. Your child must have enough medication for their ten day stay.

6. What will you do if my child wets the bed?

All beds are checked each morning when the children are away from their dorm. Sheets will be changed daily if necessary. No other children will know your child has had an accident, and your child will not be teased or reprimanded. This is a common issue for many of the children who attend camp. We deal with this issue in a very caring and sensitive way.

7. Can I come visit my child at camp?

Visitations are discouraged while your child is here. Although we understand the desire and concern about your child, we have found in cases where parents insisted upon visiting that it was very unsuccessful. A child who is often handling homesick feelings very well will suddenly become very sad and want to go home. It is often hard enough to say "goodbye" on opening day, we do not want you or your child to have to do this again and possibly deter your child from the successful therapeutic program. You will be invited to see your child's dorm room on the day you check in, and free to look around the grounds when you finish with your child's conference.

8. How will Englishton Park follow up with my child after he/she leaves the camp?

A report consisting of observations and recommendations will be sent to you approximately two weeks after your child has left camp. This report will explain techniques used with your child in our program and some recommendations to maintain your child's progress. We can send copies of this report to schools, agencies, and anybody else who works with your child that you would like.

9. When do I bring my child to camp? When do I pick them up?

Children arrive at camp on opening day Sunday between 1 and 3 p.m. est (slow time). They leave ten days later on a Tuesday. Each child will have a scheduled conference time. It is important to be here on time for your conference. You will meet with your child's teachers for approximately 50 minutes. Children must stay at camp throughout the entire session.

10. Who are your staff?

Englishton Park is staffed by Directors (a Licensed Teacher and a School Counselor), a Program Coordinator, Tutoring Supervisor, Teacher-Therapists, and Tutorial specialists. The staff consists of graduate students and college students. Members of the staff are chosen because of their great concern for children and because they enjoy working with them.

11. What if my child becomes injured or gets sick at camp?

The entire staff is trained and certified in Adult, Infant, and Child CPR and First Aid. Should your child become sick or injured, a licensed nurse will check the child, and determine what action needs to be taken. In Emergency situations, you will be notified immediately.