Things to Bring

If your child has been accepted into one of our four camp sessions at Englishton Park, you will find a list of things to bring listed below.  If you are not sure which session your child is to attend, please call (812-889-2046) or email us to confirm the correct dates and times. Your child's camping experience is rapidly approaching, and we are looking forward to meeting you and your child in our program.  We hope you and your child share our enthusiasm!

Listed below are the items your child will need to bring to camp.  Their belongings can be packed in a suitcase or a cardboard box.  Once the child unpacks into a footlocker that is provided, the suitcase or box will be sent home.  All clothing will be sent home in a plastic sack.

Listed below is what your child should bring when he or she comes.   No additional items are needed.  If they run out of shorts, T-shirts, underwear, or socks, we do have some to give them that have been donated to our program.

  • Shorts (enough for 10 days)
  • Shirts (T-shirts are fine--the more the better so your child will always have clean clothes)
  • Underwear (enough for 10 days)
  • Socks (enough for 10 days)
  • Blue Jeans (at least 1 pair for if possible; some kids prefer to wear jeans to the woods each afternoon where they work on a treefort)
  • Swimsuit
  • Toothpaste/toothbrush and other personal toilet articles (comb, shampoo, soap, deodorant)
  • Shoes (preferably tennis shoes; no sandals)--2 pairs
  • Sleepwear (from shorts and t-shirt or pajamas--nothing long, no flannel)
  • Sweatshirt or sweater
  • Baseball cap or hat of some sort
  • Towels & washcloths (3 of each)
  • Small container of bug spray (if possible)
  • Medicine*

*(If your child needs any type of special medication, send a full 10-day supply of medicine with full detailed instructions with your child when he/she comes to camp.  Medication must be in the original prescriptionbottle.  The demands made upon your child will be similar to school, and so children on prescription medication during regular school-time should probably be on those same dosages here.)

We will have all other necessary materials for your child.  PLEASE DO NOT send food or money with him or her.  Your child will need neither at camp.  Our cooks prepare large excellent meals, and the children will not be able to buy anything since they will not leave camp.

We also ask that you mark your son or daughter's belongings with their initials.  Each camper will have a separate trunk, but sometimes mix-ups do occur.  Marking is to help insure that your child leaves camp with everything he/she brought.  We supply and launder sheets, pillowcases, and blankets, but we DO NOT launder the child's clothes.  Therefore, the child will return with a bag of dirty clothes -- as you would expect after 10 days of fun!

Your child will be very busy and involved in many activities, including intensive school-type activities, swimming, nature activities, arts and crafts, fishing and outdoor activities, such as cooking out.  All of these activities have been thoroughly planned by our staff, and we are sure that your child will really enjoy and benefit from these experiences.  We will encourage him or her to write you on their self-addressed stamped postcards; we hope you will write, as well.  Your child's address at camp will be:

Englishton Park Children's Program
PO Box 228
Lexington, Indiana 47138